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Audi vehicles offer powerful performance standards while having sharp designs and innovative technology. Driving an Audi means you experience sophistication, comfort, safety, and luxury each time you are in it.

All of the features Audi has to offer work together to create an elevated standard level. The best way to keep your Audi in its optimal condition is to keep up with a proper maintenance schedule. This means you must ensure the engine is checked routinely, all the oil levels are accurate, and many other maintenance details.

Even when you take the time to perform these routine services, there are going to be instances where other issues unexpectedly arise. One such issue is the illumination of the check engine light.

The check engine light is located on the dashboard and is responsible for letting the driver know something is going wrong under the hood. The computer in your Audi illuminates the check engine light if it receives notification from one of the many sensors that there is an issue.

As you know, numerous parts make up the engine, and these parts are all required to ensure your Audi runs in its optimal condition. When the check engine light illuminates, it is difficult to determine the exact cause. Continue reading to learn some of the most common reasons behind the illumination of the check engine light in your Audi.

The Gas Cap

The most common reason behind the illumination of the check engine light in your Audi is an incorrectly-secured gas cap. The gas cap is not usually a part of their vehicle that people’s minds go to first.

Something as simple as the gas cap causing the check engine light to come on almost seems too easy, but having a loose gas cap or a gas cap that is damaged causes serious problems for your car. Some of these problems include a decrease in fuel efficiency and health issues due to the escaping vapors.

With an increased amount of gasoline vapors escaping the gas tank, there will be less for the engine to burn. This means that you will be making more trips to the gas station than usual.

In addition to the above, gasoline vapors are damaging to a person’s health and the surrounding environment.

One easy fix is to safely pull over and check to make sure the cap is tight and secure. When you do this, if the gas cap is tight but the check engine light is still on, then you know that there is a different issue, potentially one mentioned below.

The Spark Plugs

Another common reason why the check engine light could be illuminated in your Audi is the spark plugs. The spark plugs are part of the combustion process that occurs in the engine so your Audi can run seamlessly and smoothly.

When there is an issue with the spark plugs, you will notice misfires or frequent jolts of acceleration. A new spark plug should last up to 100,000 miles, but depending on the situation, they can fail a lot sooner than that. So when the spark plugs do fail, the check engine light will come on.

The Oxygen Sensor

Another reason why the check engine light can come on in your Audi is if there has been a failure in one of the oxygen sensors. The oxygen sensors play an important role in maintaining gas efficiency and low levels of emissions. Although there is more than one oxygen sensor, when one fails, the life of the entire catalytic converter is threatened. Once the catalytic converter fails, the problem under the hood goes from minor to major. So before this happens, the check engine light illuminates.

Addressing the Illuminated Check Engine Light

As soon as you notice the check engine Audi Spark Plug Replacementlight illuminated in your Audi, it is time to bring your vehicle in for servicing. Serious problems can arise if the engine is left unchecked for too long.

Auto Assets is easily accessible from the areas of Columbus, Dublin, New Albany, Worthington, and Powell, OH. Our trusted mechanics are available to inspect and diagnose your Audi’s issue. No matter what the reason is behind the illumination of the check engine light, we will be able to assist you and get you back into your Audi, driving with confidence. Contact us today.

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