Recognizing a Water Pump Failure in Your BMW in Powell
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One of the most commonly-reported issues BMW drivers run into is water pump failure. BMWs were among the first manufacturers to incorporate an electric water pump into their vehicles. These electric water pumps are designed to circulate coolant throughout the cooling system within the engine compartment. The coolant itself helps to regulate the temperature the engine performs at to prevent overheating.

When an engine begins to overheat, many things are affected, including the overall performance, fuel economy, and driving comfort of the vehicle. It is important to regularly monitor coolant levels for preventative maintenance.

What causes water pump failure?

The electric water pump on a BMW is one part of the entire cooling system. The cooling system is also made up of head gaskets, a thermostat, and a radiator. When one part of the cooling system fails to function as intended, it has a direct effect on the water pump.

Many parts within the cooling system are made using durable rubber or plastic material. These parts are exposed to excessive heat while the vehicle is running, which inevitably leads to these parts breaking down or cracking. As cracks appear, hot spots are created, leaving the water pump subject to damage.

As you drive your vehicle, whether it is used as a daily driver or only used for special occasions, your BMW experiences normal wear. While the parts used in the manufacturing process are designed to last, they do not last forever. Experts recommend replacing the water pump of your BMW at approximately 60,000 to 80,000 miles or if the part begins to fail.

Warning signs of a failing water pump in a BMW

Many different things may occur that will alert a driver that something beneath the hood is not functioning as it should, leaving your vehicle unable to perform at the optimal performance level.

Engine overheating

BMW’s electric water pump, when functioning as designed, circulates coolant throughout the engine compartment to keep the engine cool. When the water pump begins to fail or malfunction, the coolant is unable to reach all parts of the engine leaving the engine overheating. This is one of the most commonly-reported signs among BMW drivers and likely the easiest to detect.

The temperature gauge on your BMW’s dashboard is equipped with a small needle that moves to tell drivers when the vehicle’s engine is running too cold, too hot, or if it is functioning as it should. Drivers have also reported smoke being emitted from the engine compartment beneath the hood. It is important that drivers pull over immediately, allow the vehicle to cool, and have it towed to an auto repair facility for further evaluation.

Coolant leak

When parts of the cooling system fail, including the water pump, coolant is able to leak from the damaged or affected areas. Drivers can easily detect a coolant leak as the fluid will be red or green in color and will leak from beneath the engine compartment.

Engine performance issues

Water pump failure leaves the vehicle unable to function at peak performance. When the engine is unable to cool properly drivers may begin to experience engine stalling or the engine may refuse to start altogether. Experts recommend having your vehicle inspected as soon as these problems begin to prevent irreversible damage and total engine failure.

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