To Deal With Variable Valve Timing Issues 

The Best Way 

in Mini

When its functionality is comprised, it inflicts a lot of damage on the Mini.

Problems with the variable valve timing impairs the car’s drivability.

Below points define the common problems of variable valve timing in Mini.

What is variable valve timing?

Variable valve timing relatively occurs in internal combustion engines.

Used to alter the timing of the valve-lifting events to improve Mini's:

Fuel economy






When it works properly, no fuel is wasted and operated at its top capacity.

Neglecting the issues for the long run can lead to engine damages in Mini.

Warning signs of VVT failure


Frequent engine idling



Decrease in gas mileage


How auto assets can help

Mechanics at Autoassets are all automated service excellence certified.

Having 3 decades of experience we provide quality service to Mini’s.

We are dedicated to produce quality service with a customized maintenance plan.