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Covid-19 Action Plan

Dear Valued Customers,

The State of Ohio has listed Automotive Repair as an Essential Critical Infrastructure
Business, by definition. We will remain open with some slight changes to ensure the
safety of our customers and employees. Effective 3/24/2020 we would ask that the
following steps be followed to ensure everyone’s safety.

An email with your estimate for your visit will be sent to you the night before your
appointment. In lieu of a signature, we will be accepting approval to proceed via email.
A simple reply to the work order saying “approved as written” is fine. You do not need
to worry about digitally signing or printing, signing and scanning.

All appointments will be drop off only. We will not have an open showroom as we
traditionally do, once the staff has all arrived, we will be locking the doors. We will not
have any waiter appointments until further notice. If you have scheduled a waiter
appointment your appointment slot will still be there, however you will not be allowed
to wait in the building.

We kindly ask that the night drop be utilized to drop your vehicle keys during and after hours.

When a member of the Auto Assets staff is to move the car/begin working on it, they
will be wiping down the door handle, steering wheel, shifter, key, and anything else they
may need to touch inside of the cabin with disinfecting wipes/sprays.

We will continue to update you about progress and changes to the repair order or seek approval for recommended services via phone/email as we would normally do. Verbal
authorization/email confirmation will suffice for any additional needs recommended
during an appointment.

After services are complete, we will reach out via phone for payment over the phone.

When picking up the car, we will go out and start the car for you before your arrival.

We thank you for your patronage and adherence to these guidelines for the foreseeable future.

Call Now!

The staff at Auto Assets want you to know what we are doing in the current health crisis. Our policies and procedures concerning the spread of COVID19 are of concern to all ofus here at Auto Assets; the good news is we are still open for normal business hours, with some changes, some of which we need your help to implement!

At Auto Assets:

Ways you can help

well, we will be happy to retrieve your car from your home. We can also reschedule your appointment.

We at Auto Assets are doing everything we can to protect you and our staff while still providing the best service possible for your vehicle. If you have any questions regarding service to your car please call at 614-793-1050  We are looking forward to leaving these troubling times behind us, but in the meantime stay safe

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