Land Rover Defender: Will It Rule The Premium SUV Sales Domain?
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Land Rover imports have faced challenges in the US market in the past few decades. But in 2020, the doors opened to some new and old models. The Defender, in particular, has grown in popularity in the past year, and everyone is watching the market to see how it will fare in the United States. Here is our question for the Land Rover Defender: Will It Rule The Premium SUV Sales Domain?

Pros and Cons

If you are new to the Land Rover Defender model, here are a few specs to help you get up to speed. The Land Rover is a luxury SUV by Jaguar. The US denied many of these imports in 1997 because they did not have airbags or door impact beams to meet safety standards. It took them 20 years to comply and be allowed back into the country.

The Defender model has excellent headroom in the front but less legroom in the rear. The cargo area is reasonably sized, with plenty of storage space. It holds its own as a luxury SUV. This model may be less sporty than the Range Rover, and it does not handle as well as the more compact Discovery Sport. Yet, it continues to be a favorite among fans of luxury SUVs. The original models were nearly twice as expensive as American-made Jeeps but made a significant dent in the market. The newer models have updated engines and substantial improvements in comfort.

Sales in 2023

Retail sales increased significantly in 2023, just a few years into reintroducing Land Rover Defender imports. Compared to the same quarter in 2022, Range Rover sales were up 199%, Range Rover Sports climbed 42%, and the Defender sales grew 90%. Several factors may cause these sales boosts, one being the market saturation with these newly allowed imports. Having been denied access to them, some Americans have sought them out again.

While the Defender model is not as luxurious as the Range Rover Sport, it excels among other Land Rovers and SUVs by retaining its value over three years of ownership. What can you expect to pay for a Land Rover Defender? The 2023 model starts at $55,000 for the 90, $58,300 for the 110, and $68,000 for the 130 (each named for its wheel size). The 2024 models start at $56,400 (90), $60,600 (110), and $77,100 (130).

The price of used Land Rover Defenders is all over the map, depending on age and condition. Some of the oldest models can be found for $15,000-20,000, while those from the 1990s are often between $30,000-$50,000. With the boost in sales this past year, many people are willing to sell their used Defender in hopes of cashing in on this season.


New Defenders may be challenging to acquire, but that is no reason to be concerned. The 25-year rule allows older, previously rejected imports into the US. Land Rover Defender 110 X Car The release of these imports means that not only are the newer Land Rover Defenders being put up for sale by recent owners, but many older models, both in the US and Europe (and also in South America), are being sold and exported to the US from overseas. As it stands, more Defenders have never been available on the market.

While you can find plenty of these vehicles online in sales and auctions, seeking a professional European auto dealer nearby will help you get the best price. Identifying them to help resolve any maintenance issues you may inherit from a used vehicle or incur over the years of enjoying life in your Land Rover Defender is also helpful. With full knowledge of these models’ challenges, they can ensure you are proactive in your maintenance, preventing you from disappointing surprises down the road.

If you are looking at the Land Rover Defender or any other kind of Land Rover, we would love to share some of the benefits of each model with you. We have expert auto technicians available to serve you at Auto Assets in Columbus, Dublin, New Albany, Worthington, and Powell, OH. Contact us today for the best prices and up-to-date information on Land Rover Defenders.

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* Land Rover Defender 110 X Car image credit goes to: Roman Belogorodov.

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