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The BMW is a precision vehicle crafted to the highest level of performance and beauty. As this elegant vehicle cruises by, people cannot help but be impressed with the fine lines, raw power, and uncompromising excellence. This craftsmanship is not just on the outside of the BMW.

The engineers at BMW ensure the finest level of detail in the passenger cabin to guarantee the comforts you demand. If the HVAC blower fails in your BMW, that quality ride will quickly become uncomfortable on a hot or cold day. BMW offers an enhanced air-conditioning system that allows the most optimal climate control so your passenger cabin can be cool, on even the hottest of days and the longest of drives.

A certified technician can often identify the source of the HVAC blower failure based on the symptoms. They can determine if the problem is being caused by another HVAC component. As a BMW owner, it is vital to know what to look for when describing the problem to your technician.

Three Common Symptoms of a Potential HVAC Blower Failure

Air Does Not Cool

Your BMW has a high-efficiency air conditioning system, which results in a much shorter time to cool the cabin when the A/C is turned to high. If you notice that the passenger cabin never cools, your vehicle could be leaking freon.

Airflow Strength

A few different components dictate the strength of the airflow that comes out of the BMW’s air vents, including the blower. A weak airflow could also be caused by a quite simple electrical issue. If the air is not blowing at all, the problem is likely electrical in nature. When the blower has failed, the air stream will be weak and insufficient.

Total Lack of Airflow

Rarely does the blower completely stop functioning because of a problem originating with the actual blower. If it does, this is most likely caused by an electrical issue. It is important to rule out all other potential causes prior to replacing the blower. Your BMW-certified technician will be able to diagnose, identify, and solve the problem to get you back out on the road and riding comfortably.

Certain BMWs are known to experience HVAC blower failures more than others. As a driver, you want to be aware of the causes. You can schedule regular maintenance at a BMW-certified auto shop so they can check on these issues to prevent you from experiencing this problem.

Reasons for HVAC Blower Failure

Because the BMW’s HVAC system is so enhanced, it is also highly technical. It includes multiple components that guarantee proper effectiveness. Electrical pieces help the system communicate, and one of the most critical communications is when relaying power to the blower.

If the blower motor relay is not working, the air will not flow properly, and the passenger cabin will warm up quickly as the sun shines into your vehicle. Even though many failures are attributed to a burned out blower, the cause could be an electrical issue, such as wiring. To keep your car running cool in the summer, take it to a certified BMW auto shop to have the relay components checked.

All vehicles have some problems with wear and tear over time and mileage accumulation. The BMW is susceptible to HVAC blower failure, especially after the summer months when the A/C has been used the most. Scheduling regular maintenance to check the HVAC blower, especially prior to the summer months, can keep this inconvenient and uncomfortable problem from occurring.

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The BMW specialists at Auto Assets have worked BMW AC System Servicing with clients from Columbus, Dublin, New Albany, Worthington, and Powell, OH, maintaining their cars with the highest level of quality services for over 30 years. Our maintenance facility has the most up-to-date factory grade tools and equipment, and we make sure you receive the most accurate service. We offer a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty on all Auto Assets brand parts as our ongoing way to ensure your satisfaction with every visit.

Make an appointment to bring your BMW in for a repair or regular maintenance and let us show you why Auto Assets is the expert auto repair and service shop for your needs.

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