How to Deal with Cuts and Punctures in Your BMW's Tires
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There is nothing motorists fear more than a puncture on the road. When you’re traveling at high speed on the motorway, punctures in moving BMWs are known as blowouts. There are, however, some punctures that are less scary than a blowout. A puncture might not be apparent until you leave your BMW parked. You may not discover the puncture until you return and find a flat tire.

It’s always best to be prepared for the worst since punctures can happen at any time. So let’s look at what to do for a blowout and a puncture with a slow leak.

During a Blowout: Ease off the Accelerator

When you have a tire puncture when driving at any time, it’s important how you slow down. If you press the brakes, you may make things worse, as the tire may be flat and skid. Try to remove your foot from the accelerator and slow down gradually instead of stepping on the brakes hard. The puncture may have affected the handling, so keep both hands firmly on the wheel. To alert others that there is a problem, turn on the hazard warning lights.

Pull over to a Safe Location

You should pull over in a safe place as soon as you begin slowing down. In order to prevent permanent damage to the tire, you should do this as soon as it is safely possible. Using the steering wheel, navigate your BMW onto the hard shoulder of the road, if you’re on the highway.

The situation is more challenging on other roads. Before finding a suitable place to stop, you should slow down and turn on your hazard warning lights. You may wish to pull over on the side of the road to a grass verge if possible, or else find an exit off the road if possible.

Ensure You and Your Passengers are Safe

Exit the vehicle after applying the handbrake, switching off the ignition, checking for traffic, and opening the doors — all while the hazard lights are still on. Use your BMW as a barrier between any traffic and the safe side of the road. Move away from your BMW into the grass if possible and call for a tow or for help.

Damage Assessment

You may inspect the deflated tire if it is safe to do so. Does the tire tread or wall show significant signs of damage? Are you able to see the rim? In the event of significant damage, normally associated with a complete blowout, you could use a spare wheel. However, you may also contact our garage for a tow and tire replacement. We will also check the rims and undercarriage for any damage from the blowout.

Can the tire be repaired?

There are many punctures that can be repaired. Inspection of the inside of the tire (as well as the removal of foreign objects, such as nails or thorns) is conducted before a patch is applied to the hole to seal the hole and support the tire’s internal structure.

A tire is typically repairable if the following conditions are met:

  • The tire has a puncture in its main tread
  • The puncture is smaller than 5 mm
  • The tire is safe and performs well without any other damage

It is possible to repair a puncture with the services of our tire specialist, so contact us today.

Auto Assets is Your Best Bet

Whenever a problem occurs with your BMW’s tires or wheels, Auto Assets meets it head-on BMW 520d Car Wheel before it causes further damage. Our experience working with luxury European imports in Columbus, Dublin, New Albany, Worthington, and Powell, OH, has allowed us to identify common pitfalls in various vehicles’ designs and engineering.

We know what to do with your punctured BMW tire. At the very least, if you notice any punctures or cuts on your tires, bring your BMW in for an inspection as it could save you thousands in repair costs down the line and keep you and your passengers safe. Contact us directly if you’d like to schedule an appointment or learn more about what we offer. We look forward to earning your trust and repeat business.

* BMW 520d Car Wheel image credit goes to: joephotographer.

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