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A problem that can occur in your BMW is an issue with the High Pressure Fuel Pump, or the HPFP, as it is commonly known. Though this problem is more common in older models, when it does happen to your BMW, your driving experience will be severely affected.

The HPFP is a component in the BMW twin-turbo engines. It is responsible for compression of the fuel intake and air compression for timely ignition. For BMW engines, the fuel has to be injected into the combustion chamber at specific pressures, which can only be achieved using the high pressure fuel pump. This timely injection at the right pressure is what enables the BMW engine to continue delivering exemplary performance.

Usual of HPFP Issues

HPFP problems can be as a result of many different reasons. Of these reasons is a leaking fuel injector pump. The fuel injector is responsible for delivering the high-pressure fuel into the fuel combustion chamber.

The high pressure from the fuel can sometimes overwhelm the injector pump and cause cracks. These cracks will start to leak fuel, lowering the pressure of the fuel as it gets into the combustion chamber. The fuel leak will also cause a carbon build up that will further impede the engine function.

Another cause of HPFP breakdown is using poor quality oil. Because the fuel injector works on high-quality manufacturer recommended fuel, anything but this quality fuel will cause the pump to wear out faster. This will result in even more strain on the fuel pump, lowering the pressure from the fuel pump.

In the same vein, failing to change your engine oil regularly can cause the HPFP to fail. This occurs because oil changes viscosity and degrades over time. When this happens, the quality deteriorates. This leaves the lobes and camshaft in the engine exposed to friction, wearing them out even faster.

The solenoid is yet another culprit that could be responsible for HPFP failure. This component is tasked with regulating the pressure in the high pressure fuel pump by changing the port location in the engine. When the solenoid breaks down from good old wear and tear, it lowers the pressure in the fuel pump and causes the HPFP to fail.

Warning Signs That Indicate You Need HPFP Replacement

When the HPFP in your BMW is faulty, you are bound to notice some common signs. Failure of the engine to start completely is an obvious one. This happens because there’s not enough pressure in the fuel being injected into the combustion chamber to ignite the fuel.

You may also notice that your BMW may start to lose power, especially when you are hauling heavy loads or are going uphill or even accelerating. This loss in power is because of the miscommunication between the pressure in the fuel and the fuel injector. This causes the fuel not to ignite properly when you need the engine to fire up. Remember: your BMW burns more fuel when performing any of these tasks, and if the pressure is low, the correct amount of fuel pressure for combustion is not achieved.

While still talking about acceleration, you may also notice that your BMW may start jerking while accelerating. This is often because of the irregular pressure in the fuel pump that causes it to inject fuel into the engine at inconsistent frequencies. This causes the engine to sputter briefly on occasion before getting back into its normal, smooth ride.

A last sign that your car may have HPFP problems is poor fuel efficiency. You’ll notice that you may be spending the same amount of fuel to cover shorter distances, and your fuel gauge will constantly be low. Filling up at the pump more often will cost you. Why not spend that money on a quick fix of your HPFP?

Auto Assets for Your HPFP Service

When the high pressure fuel pump in your car BMW High Pressure Fuel Pump Replacement breaks down, you’ll need Auto Asset‘s qualified mechanics with BMW experience to help you. If you’re in and around Columbus, Dublin, New Albany, Worthington, or Powell, Ohio, we are here to assist. We provide high-quality diagnostic checks and expert repairs to foreign brands, including BMWs. Schedule an appointment with us today!

* BMW Car image credit goes to: servickuz.

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