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Water pump failure is one of the most common issues cars have that result in damage to an engine. Your Jaguar was built with quality and performance in mind, but mechanical problems do occur, including water pump failure. We will discuss issues that will arise with a bad water pump, show you how to recognize them, and advise you of what to do when it happens.

The Danger of Water Pump Failures

Before we get started on a bad water pump’s symptoms, let’s discuss the implications if the signs of a faulty one are ignored.

The water pump is designed just as it sounds: to pump cooled water from your radiator into the engine and then back into the radiator for cooling. This keeps the coolant and water at a constant temperature and allows the heat buildup in your Jaguar’s engine to dissipate within the water.

Essentially, the water pump keeps your engine from overheating and causing a catastrophic engine failure.

Symptoms of a Faulty Water Pump

Now that you understand how important a properly-functioning water pump is, let’s look at some of the symptoms that show when one is failing.

Whining Sound

Your water pump has a pulley mounted on it that attaches to the drive belt. This drive belt turns the pulley and is what makes your water pump work. When the pulley’s bearing becomes worn, it allows the pulley to shift to one side under tension. This will usually result in a whining sound coming from the water pump area.

Water Leak

A water pump is designed with a weep hole in it to allow for excess bearing oil to exit. This weep hole will also tell you when your water pump gasket or bearing has failed. Watch for water pouring out of the weep hole when you first turn off the engine, and watch for puddling under your Jaguar’s front. This is important, as the weep hole may not leak water when the engine is running.

Overheating Engine

When a water pump fails, your Jaguar will experience overheating of the engine. If you notice the temperature gauge climbing into the red on the gauge, a warning indicator should appear on the dashboard. Stop safely and turn your Jaguar off. Engines that overheat for even a few moments can be damaged beyond repair and cost an astronomical amount to replace or rebuild.

Low Water and Coolant

Low water and coolant levels are a sure sign that your car is losing this liquid somewhere. If you continually have to top off the coolant and radiator, you may have a water pump leak.

Steam From Radiator

This is also a sign of overheating and should be treated in the same manner as above. If you do not see the warning light but experience steam rising from under your hood, your car has overheated. You need to stop and perhaps call for a tow to have it repaired.

How To Prevent a Water Pump Failure

The problem with water pump failures affects you the most when they are a surprise. An overheating engine can leave you broken down on the road at the worst possible moment. Your Jaguar comes with a scheduled maintenance plan when you purchase it that tells you when to bring it in for service.

Many people think they are saving money by skipping these well-planned interventions. In the end, it will cost more. A tow truck, the replacement of a motor, and the hourly cost of a mechanic to do repairs can run into thousands of dollars.

By taking your car in for scheduled servicing as required, certified mechanics are able to catch problems like bad water pumps before they completely fail. Preventative maintenance will save you time, money, and hassle in the long run.

Professional Help for Water Pump Failure

At Auto Assets located in Columbus, Jaguar Water Pump Issue Check Dublin, New Albany, Worthington, and Powell, OH, our professional shop will keep you from getting stranded with a bad water pump. By bringing your Jaguar or another quality car to us for preventive maintenance and repair, we will make sure your car stays in top condition. We are a full-service shop that specializes in high-end European models of cars.

Since 1990, our staff of certified technicians is factory-trained to work on the world’s most highly-engineered cars. Call us today for an appointment to make sure you can drive your car confidently on the road.

* Jaguar F-Pace Car image credit goes to: y_carfan.

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