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There’s perhaps nothing more frustrating than having a fun and exhilarating car like a Land Rover but you can’t drive because it’s got mechanical problems. A coolant leak is one of the most common issues that drivers will encounter. Your vehicle needs coolant to regulate temperature within your vehicle, so a leak can be serious to your Land Rover’s performance.

This article will help to explain the purpose of coolant, what can cause a leak, how to spot a problem, and where to go to get it fixed.

Coolant Basics

Much like engine oil, coolant helps transfer heat within your engine. It also provides protection from freezing. The cooling system uses coolant to keep things from reaching too high a temperature and melting the metal parts of your Land Rover’s engine. If the fluids in the engine freeze or boil, the damage to the engine can be incredibly unforgiving.

Coolant is easy to spot under the hood of your Land Rover. The liquid is housed in the coolant reservoir. It is connected by hoses to the radiator, which is another part of your vehicle’s cooling system. If you are adding coolant to your car’s coolant reservoir, double check your owner’s manual or ask a professional which coolant is right for your model of Land Rover.

What Contributes to Coolant Leaks

Some of the common causes of coolant leaks are listed below:

Leaky Radiator Cap

If your Land Rover’s radiator cap has a loose seal that doesn’t fit correctly, coolant will leak from it when things start to get hot. You may have the wrong radiator cap for your vehicle, or it may just be too loose or overtightened.

Crack in Coolant Reservoir

The coolant reservoir that houses the coolant could contribute to a coolant leak if it has a crack or hole. You can find out if this is the cause easily, just take a look at the reservoir.

Leak in Water Pump

The water pump helps with the cooling system, and a leak in it could result in a leak in coolant. This should be easy to identify via visual inspection, either by yourself or a trained mechanic.

Signs of Coolant Leaks

It isn’t hard to spot an external coolant leak in your vehicle, and an internal one may be a bit harder. We’ve listed some of the most common signs of external and internal leaks. Look out for these:

The Engine is Overheating

If the temperature gauge on your Land Rover’s dashboard is displaying a level higher than normal, the engine is overheating. Problems could arise quickly. The engine can overheat quickly due to a lack of coolant.

You See The Leak

An external leak is easy to spot. If you see a puddle of colorful liquid (usually pink, green, or orange) on the ground where your car was parked, then your Land Rover is leaking coolant.

Poor Gas Mileage

The most efficient operation for your Land Rover occurs within a specific range of temperatures. If coolant has leaked from your vehicle, temperatures may start to rise or fall outside the reasonable range, so your Land Rover’s fuel efficiency may drop.

Sweet Smell

Antifreeze, which is another name for coolant, has a sweet smell and bright appearance. If you notice the sweet smell from under your hood, it’s likely that your coolant is leaking.

Auto Assets Wants to Help

Don’t let a coolant leak keep your Land Rover off the Land Rover Coolant Filling road. Auto Assets has an experienced staff of ASE-certified mechanics that want to fix your vehicle’s coolant leak and get you safely back behind the wheel in no time. We are the leader in repairing and servicing import vehicles in Powell, OH, and our customers know that we get repairs done the right way, the first time.

We are located at 356 W Olentangy St. in Powell, OH. We also serve customers from nearby Columbus, Dublin, New Albany, and Worthington areas. Come by for a speedy repair and relax in our shop, which boasts complimentary Wi-Fi, loaner cars, and shuttle services. We even have an on-site massage therapist available. We look forward to welcoming you into our family of returning clients.

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