How Often Should You Align Your Wheels in a Land Rover?
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A wheel alignment guarantees that your tires are pointing in the appropriate direction and that all of the associated parts are wearing equally and smoothly. However, because a variety of circumstances can cause your wheels to become misaligned, having significant knowledge on how often your wheels should be aligned is critical and should be part of our normal car maintenance practice.

Let’s look at the causes of bad wheel alignment as well as the warning indications that it’s time to realign your Land Rover’s wheels.

What Causes Tires to Lose Alignment

Some of the most common causes include:

  • Constant impacts: It’s impossible to avoid every pothole while driving or every concrete barrier while parking, but even seemingly minor accidents can destabilize your vehicle’s alignment. They can also accumulate over time, resulting in a significant misalignment.
  • Old tires: Whether you stick with a tested and trusted type or switch to a new type of tire, new tires can make a big difference for your car. Because each tire wears differently, even routine tire rotations can push your car out of alignment.
  • General wear and tear: As joints loosen and rubber components lose their integrity, your car’s parts tend to experience wear and tear, which is not unexplainable. If left unchecked, your wheels may continue to drift out of alignment.

Signs Your Land Rover Needs a Tire Alignment

Although a professional check is required to verify whether your vehicle is still in alignment, you can look for visible and physical symptoms that indicate you should take it to your dealer’s service department for an evaluation. These are some of them:

  • The vehicle swerves to one side: Your car is most likely out of alignment if it pulls to the right or left side. Bring it in for a checkup if you find yourself frequently adjusting the steering wheel to keep the car straight.
  • Treadwear that is uneven: It’s possible that the alignment is to blame for unequal tire wear. Examine the tire’s wear across its whole width. If one tire’s inside or outside wears down faster than your other tires, there’s a problem with the alignment.
  • The vehicle or steering wheel trembles: It’s most likely the alignment that’s causing the car to shake when you press the gas pedal or the steering wheel to vibrate as you accelerate. When you place your hands on the wheel, you are not supposed to feel any vibrations. If this is the case, take your car to a certified Land Rover mechanic who can diagnose the issue or confirm that an alignment is required.
  • A steering wheel that is crooked: Because it happens gradually and you get acclimated to how your steering wheel looks, this is an often-overlooked indicator. The next time you want to drive your car, take a look at the steering wheel. If it looks to be off-center, this indicates that you’ve been using it to make adjustments for your vehicle’s lack of alignment.

Wheel alignment is required for almost all cars on a regular basis. Most auto experts recommend getting your automobile aligned after every other oil renewal, or every 6,000 miles. However, because alignment requirements vary greatly based on your vehicle type, tire style, and usual road conditions, it is advisable to consult a skilled professional or your mechanic to determine what’s ideal for your vehicle.

You’ll avoid damage and extra wear and tear if you include it in your monthly maintenance routine and make sure it’s aligned before you notice signs of a problem.

Auto Assets Will Help!

At Auto Assets, we have provided quality Land Rover Wheel Alignment auto services to car users all over the regions of Columbus, Dublin, New Albany, Worthington, Powell, OH for over 30 years. If you notice your car has any alignment issues or any other issues for that matter, contact us immediately by calling us, or visit any of our shops to book an appointment.

We would love to help fix your car and get it back on the road in peak condition. We pride ourselves on leaving your automobile much better than you have it to us and our track record speaks for us.

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