Reasons for an Infotainment System Failure in a Land Rover by Certified Mechanics in Powell
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Automotive manufacturers are progressively producing vehicles with integrated infotainment systems to cater to the demand for luxurious, safe, and reliable vehicles. Your Land Rover is no exception. In most Land Rovers, the infotainment system is a touchscreen or display located in or on the dashboard. An infotainment system combines entertainment and information about your vehicle and environment for a more enjoyable in-vehicle experience.

Unfortunately, technology is prone to failures and glitches, and your Land Rover’s infotainment system is no different. Like any other technical system, they would develop faults from time to time. Let’s look at the common features of your Land Rover’s infotainment system and the most common reasons behind its failure.

Common Features of Your Land Rover’s Infotainment System

The infotainment system in your Land Rover is designed to provide entertainment and information to the driver and other vehicle occupants. The system has evolved from cassette tapes and CD players to the 15-inch infotainment systems we now see today. Manufacturers have also tried to include several other features in these systems as they develop.

Discussed below are some common features that are included in-vehicle infotainment systems, including your Land Rover:

  • Touch Screen Display: The first vehicle touchscreen was introduced in 1986 in Buick’s Riviera. Since then, other manufacturers have followed suit introducing touchscreen displays in their vehicles. The touch screen display in your Land Rover’s infotainment system allows you to access and navigate connecting options for other devices, such as the satellite navigation system.
  • GPS Integration: Like most car manufacturers, Land Rover takes safety seriously. GPS was introduced to allow tracking in emergencies and make using the vehicle map more accurate. The GPS feature is accessible in your Land Rover’s infotainment system.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Your Land Rover’s infotainment system also includes Bluetooth connectivity to allow you to pair your phone with the system for a seamless media operation. This feature also allows you to make and receive phone calls, stream music, and read or send messages.
  • Voice Command: Recent Land Rover models come equipped with voice command capabilities, allowing you to make and receive calls without touching or looking at your phone.
  • Surround Camera System: The system also includes a camera system to give a more accurate and detailed view of the surrounding area and any obstacles in the pathway while driving.
  • Advanced Car Functions: The infotainment systems in your Land Rover provide more advanced features like parking assistance, daytime running lights, vehicle temperature management, etc.

Causes of an Infotainment System Failure

The following are some of the reasons why your Land Rover infotainment system may fail:

Electrical Issues

Several wires, connections, and components must work together for the infotainment system to function effectively. When one or more of these components fails, it could cause the failure of your infotainment system. Also, since the complications with your Land Rover’s cables and electrical circuits could affect other components in your vehicle, it is best to contact a Land Rover expert for proper diagnosis.

General System Glitches

The infotainment system in your Land Rover needs to be updated to operate efficiently. Failure to update it can cause it to become sluggish or malfunction. Updates are necessary to correct previously detected bugs and software issues. Updates will also provide your Land Rover with up-to-date information, such as new route data, that it needs to run perfectly.

If you still experience any problems with your car’s infotainment system after an upgrade, you should take it to an expert as soon as possible to avoid further breakdown.

Dead Battery

Despite being energy-efficient, modern infotainment systems deplete the battery. The more you turn up the volume on your Land Rover’s infotainment system, the more battery it consumes. Your car battery will die or shut down if you use the infotainment system or other electrical components for long without recharging the battery.

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When it comes to issues with your Land Rover’s infotainment system, there’s not much the driver can do other than system upgrades, Red Land Rover Car which you may not be able to manage in all circumstances, so it’s crucial to see a Land Rover specialist.

The experts at Auto Assets can handle your infotainment system failure with our fully stocked shop that employs some of the best equipment in the automobile servicing business today.

We are located in Powell, OH, and have provided excellent service to Land Rover in the community for over thirty years. We also welcome drivers from the surrounding communities of Columbus, Delaware, Dublin, New Albany, and Worthington. Please call or visit our shop today for your next service appointment!

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