How to Diagnose Mercedes Air Suspension Problems in Powell
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As much as you would like to have your vehicle stay operating at peak performance forever, there are times that you may come across issues. Diagnosing Mercedes air suspension problems is something you can begin to do independently, but if you pick up on an indication that something is wrong, it’s best to contact a professional.

Some of the more obvious ways to detect repairs are required include compressor problems, AirMatic relay faults or malfunctions, valve blockages, screeching noises, or leaking around the suspension features.

Mercedes Air Suspension

Mercedes air suspensions are different from traditional suspensions, and when looking for problems, they aren’t quite as straightforward to diagnose. Understanding what’s providing your vehicle the suspension you’re used to and knowing what indicators to watch for are the best ways to avoid expensive repairs and replacements prematurely.

Compressor Problems

The compressor is the hardest working piece of equipment when it comes to your Mercedes air suspension. Airbags inflate and deflate while you are traveling down the road. The compressor is what handles the job. Various situations can occur that will lead to compressor problems. For example, the wiring can fault out or it might clog up.

Sagging suspension with a visual inspection by an untrained eye is a quick way to diagnose a compressor problem. If you see this, or if you’re unsure but suspicious about what’s going on, it’s something that can be easily fixed by a mechanic that’s qualified to work on these types of vehicles.

Recognizing AirMatic Relay Faults or other AirMatic Malfunctions

There’s an AirMatic relay system responsible for opening and closing the circuits in charge of powering the essential compressor in your Mercedes. You can tell that there’s a fault in the system because the compressor will continually run or it won’t shut off at all. Most often, it’s merely age and wear and tear that leads to the problem. It’s something that should be looked at by a qualified mechanic.

Poor installation or repairs of the air suspension strut will cause your AirMatic to malfunction. If you can see or feel an uneven suspension, you need to schedule an appointment at a professional repair shop. It’s pretty simple to detect, and chances are you will notice it right away.

Valve Blockages

Air will get pushed back into the compressor if there is a blockage in the valve. It results in an enormous amount of pressure being put on the unit. An exact way to know if this is happening is by recognizing your Mercedes isn’t quite as shock absorbent or tight when passing over bumpier surfaces.

Unusual Squeaking or Screeching

If you started to pick up on noises that weren’t noticeable before when you’re driving, especially screeching or squeaking, it could be a suspension shock dilemma. Have an expert look at it to determine where the sound is coming from.


Most automobile owners tend to panic when they start to notice leaks from any part of the vehicle. The good news is, it’s one of the more straightforward fixes when handled by a capable mechanic. Leaking around the valves and various connection points is arguably the most common suspension issue. You will notice that your car doesn’t feel quite as buoyant as it used to.

One point to keep in mind is that while you may not have to rush right to the repair shop, having a leak in the suspension is a service that you don’t want to put off either. The more leaking around air suspension parts, the greater the force being put on the compressor. When the compressor is working harder, it will wear out faster and likely completely fail much sooner. Call your trusted mechanic and get in an appointment as quickly as feasible and drive as little as possible to avoid much costlier repairs.

Trust the Professionals for Diagnosing Air Suspension Problems in Powell

You never want to try and fix an air suspension Mercedes Air Suspension Inspection problem on your own. The experts from Auto Assets are qualified to handle all diagnostics and repair service needs for your Mercedes air suspension issues required in Columbus, Dublin, New Albany, Worthington, and Powell, OH. As recognized specialists in European automobiles, you can rest assured that your car will be repaired promptly and accurately.

* Mercedes Car image credit goes to: Domagoj.

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