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Mercedes Benz is one of the best luxury automobile makers in the industry today. Although these vehicles are known for high class, comfort, incredible features, and power, their models can have problems, too. This is why regular inspections and vehicle maintenance are essential, it can halt any issues before they really start to develop.

If you are concerned that you may actually have a problem with the thermostat in your Mercedes, keep reading to find out why it is crucial as well as the symptoms that indicate a problem.

What does the thermostat do?

The thermostat accurately measures the temperatures inside the vehicle’s engine. It then reports that measurement through the temperature gauge on the dashboard.

If the thermostat is not working correctly, the temperature gauge will also be faulty, and a driver will not know when their engine is overheating until it is too late.

Although there will always be some temperature fluctuations, it is essential to note that it is usually pretty steady. When the temperature inside the engine is not stable or rising above the normal range, the vehicle is having issues that need to be resolved immediately.

What is thermostat failure?

Thermostat failure is simply when the thermostat has stopped working or is not working correctly. Sometimes this is not caught until the temperature gauge is entirely untrustworthy. However, other times the gauge can show an extremely high or low engine temperature when there is no problem. This is the best-case scenario, as it will allow the owner to get their Mercedes in for an inspection and replacement before any damage is done.

Common Symptoms and Issues Related to Thermostat Failure

It is important to keep up with your vehicle, as you know it better than anyone. When it is behaving differently, making odd noises, or you notice a gauge or reading is incorrect, trust your instincts and have it inspected.

  • Temperature Gauge Issues: The first symptom you may notice is that the thermostat seems off. Most people who drive their vehicle know precisely how long their car takes to warm up the engine or where the temperature gauge usually is once the engine is warmed up. When you are starting to experience temperature gauge issues, you may notice that it never really hits the average temperature, or if it does, it does not stay there for long. It takes longer to read the temperature, and when it does, it may climb into the dangerous red zone.
  • Erratic Engine Temperature: An erratic engine temperature may not be a problem with the gauge but the actual temperature of the engine running too hot or too cold. All vehicles, including your Mercedes, only run optimally when everything is working perfectly. This includes your engine being at the correct temperature. So, if the engine is too cold or too hot, performance will be an issue.
  • Leaking Coolant: A side effect of this issue will be leaking coolant. When the engine is not kept at the correct temperature, it will overheat and eventually leave you stranded. Engine overheating will both cause damage to the engine and its connected components, as well as performance issues. Engine damage can also create a very costly repair.
  • Poor Performing Engine: Finally, your engine may seem to be performing poorly. In that case, you should make an appointment with your trusted vehicle technician right away. It could certainly be due to a failing thermostat, but there are other possible reasons for this as well. Regardless, a Mercedes typically performs very well under all conditions. When it is not, there is probably some kind of issue that needs to be dealt with that only a trained care professional will diagnose and correct.

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