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The transmission system of your Mercedes works closely with the gearbox and clutch. It is responsible for transferring the power of your engine to the four wheels of your car. In order to do this, the transmission must be filled with fluid. Over time, natural wear and tear can cause it to leak. These types of corrosive fluid leaks may cause more damage to your car if not repaired in a timely manner. This type of slow leak can be found during routine maintenance. This is why it is important to perform proper car care to avoid this kind of incident.

A leaking transmission can cause more issues to the other parts of your Mercedes. If the other parts of your Mercedes are affected by the transmission problem, it could potentially cause a driving hazard and may lead to an accident.

Signs of Leaking Transmission

It’s not always easy to identify if your transmission is leaking. If you suspect that the transmission system of your Mercedes is failing in any way, try checking the fluid level. If it’s low, then the best starting point is to look for any signs of leakage. Here are some of the common signs you can find if your Mercedes has a transmission leakage:

  • Fluid spots on your driveway
  • Fluid on your undercarriage
  • Having troubles in shifting gears or gear is stuck
  • Hot smell coming from your transmission
  • Odd grinding sounds of metal-on-metal

The Common Causes of a Transmission Leak

Your transmission system is composed of different kinds of gears and components that support the wheel’s speed and torque.

  • A Loose Drain Plug: When your transmission fluid is changed, the technician will unscrew a plug and allow the fluid to drain out of the drain pain before refilling it. If this screw is not tightened enough, transmission fluid will leak out. Conversely, if it is tightened too much, it could crack the threads and cause a leak.
  • Punctured Transmission Fluid Pan: Being underneath your car, the transmission is susceptible to road debris and damage when you run over potholes, gravel in the road, and peeled off tire treads from 18-wheelers. This type of debris can hit the bottom of your car at high speeds and velocities. When it does, it can actually puncture parts of your undercarriage, including the transmission pan. This hole can allow transmission fluid to leak out.
  • Broken Transmission Pan Gasket or Seal: As another part of the pan, the gasket seals the transmission fluid inside the pan. If this seal is broken, cracked, or damaged, the fluid will spill out and cause your transmission to run at lower-than-normal pressures or even run dry. When this occurs, your transmission will begin to run hot as metal parts grind against each other without this necessary lubrication to prevent friction.

Since Mercedes has a complex transmission system, only a professional and well-trained auto mechanic who’s specialized in handling Mercedes should be the one to diagnose and repair it to avoid any problem. A professional Mercedes technician will easily identify the source of a leak. Since it could come from a seal, pump, or lines, it is important to have your Mercedes inspected by our trusted mechanics.

Skilled Professionals At Your Service

If you think your transmission is leaking, then it’s best to contact your auto mechanic right away since it can be coming from one Mercedes Transmission Leak Repair of the most important components in your transmission system. It’s always best to have it diagnosed by a highly-experienced Mercedes specialist since it’s a bit complicated to repair a Mercedes transmission system.

Most often, the seals are the main sources of a leaking transmission system, but it doesn’t mean that they are always the problem. To be sure your Mercedes is in its top condition, trust your car to the hands of the Mercedes experts at Auto Assets. If you’re near Columbus, Dublin, New Albany, Worthington, Powell, OH, contact us today to help with your car care needs. We are eager to earn your repeat business by performing expert workmanship with OEM parts. Don’t hesitate if you suspect a problem. Call us today for a convenient appointment!

* Mercedes-Benz Car image credit goes to: OksanaRadchenko.

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