Reasons Behind MINI Engine Mount Failure from Certified Mechanics in Powell
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Minis are renowned for their punchy engines and adept handling. They come in three body styles: the Mini convertible, the Hardtop and the two and four-door coupe. Mini models experience engine mount failure as often as other vehicles. An engine mount is a plate made of metal with a rubber block between it that acts as a shock absorber when the engine is running. The mount cushions the engine from being damaged and avoids distracting sounds into the cabin when the car is in motion.

Without engine mounts, driving would almost be impossible due to excessive vibration, noise and the expected damage to other car parts. The vibration could also cause some car parts to malfunction or even fall off. Due to the small size of the mini, in comparison to other vehicles, engine mount failure could make the car completely undrivable and uncontrollable.

Wear And Tear

The engine is an integral part of your Mini. Every time it works, the vibrations and the shaking cause stress to the mounts. Engine mounts will fail after some time due to age and stress, especially those that are composed of rubber. The rubber will weaken, dry and rot as a result of temperature change.

For oil-filled mounts, the fluid will start to leak and cause its failure. This could result in engine failure if left untreated. It is also very dangerous when the mounts fail when you are driving because they can make you cause an accident. Mounts will also tear in the event of an accident, whether minor or major.

Installation Defects

If the mounts have been improperly installed, they will fail. A loosely or carelessly installed mount is not only going to contribute to its failure but also a life-threatening ordeal. While this might be very rare owing to the quality of the vehicle, it is not to be assumed. In case of a replacement of the mounts, take your Mini to a certified and reputable service centre with proper equipment. Ensure that the mounts you buy for replacement are in good condition and are not worn or defective.

Aggressive Driving

This case applies mostly to manual transmissions which are the most popular ones: the Cooper and Cooper S Hardtop. More often than not, you have come across drivers who will want to race you, who excessively change lanes, and who tailgate too close to the car ahead. They exhibit some rare kind of impatience.

In driving erratically, they will suddenly hit on the gas jerking the car forward and abruptly grind to a stop. This kind of driving leads to mounting failure especially with the hard-hitting engines of the Mini. As the car jerks forward, the engine distributes torque to the car moving it forward and leaving the engine behind, stressing the mounts, and as it grinds to a sudden halt, the engine moves forward straining the mounts. If the mounts are loose, such persistent driving will lead to mounting failure.

Make it a routine to check your mounting for rubber breaks and oil leakage. Ensure that you drive your Mini smoothly without unnecessary abrupt acceleration and abrupt stops. When you experience excessive vibrations and uncontrollable acceleration visit our certified mechanics who have consummate experience with your brand. Failure to repair this fault might lead to broken belts, misalignment, excess noise and ultimately, a damaged engine.

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