How a Failing O2 Sensor Affects Your Porsche's Performance
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Sleek, elegant, and luxury defined, Porsche cars stand out in a class of their own amongst all other vehicles in the automobile industry. They are also known for being powerful and precise, particularly in their sports cars. Popularly known for their iconic 911 model, the German company eventually branched out and finally added SUVs and sedans to their product line, which originally consisted of only sports cars.

As incredible as they are, Porsche cars are still known to suffer several defects in the course of their use, common among them is a faulty O2 sensor. If you drive a Porsche and have recently been experiencing this problem, then this article is for you.

What is an O2 sensor?

Modern car engine control systems have to rely on input from several sensors to regulate the engine’s performance as well as its emissions and other vital functions. One of the most important sensors is the oxygen sensor, commonly known as the O2 sensor.

The O2 sensor or the oxygen sensor is an electronic device that measures the proportion of oxygen in the gas or liquid being analyzed. It monitors how much-unburned oxygen is present in the exhaust as the exhaust exits the engine. By monitoring the oxygen levels, the sensor then provides a means of evaluating the fuel mixture.

The O2 sensor lets the computer know if the fuel mix lacks enough oxygen or has too much oxygen. The car computer then makes the necessary changes to ensure that the car runs as it should.

The O2 sensors of a Porsche car are located in the exhaust system of the engine. There are 4 oxygen sensors on the Porsche Carrera, two for each catalytic converter on the vehicle.

Symptoms Of A Failing O2 Sensor

Generally, it is always difficult to diagnose issues with the sensor unless all the other components in the fuel injection system have been checked and determined to be operating correctly.

The following are some typical signs you may notice if your Porsche has a faulty O2 sensor:

  • a rough idle
  • misfiring spark plugs
  • lack of power
  • stalling
  • sulfur or rotten egg smell from exhaust
  • power surges

Why do oxygen sensors fail?

Since the oxygen sensor is in the exhaust stream, it can easily become contaminated. Common sources of contamination include:

  • by-products of the fuel combustion process (lead, sulfur)
  • an oil blow-by in cases of older engines
  • the engine coolant burning in the combustion chamber due to an engine gasket leak.

The sensor is also exposed to high temperatures in the exhaust system, which damages it over time. The above can affect the oxygen sensor’s response characteristics, resulting in an extended response and reduced sensor performance in the long run.

How Your Porsche’s Performance Can Be Affected By A Failing O2 Sensor

If the oxygen sensor of a Porsche is faulty, its performance is affected in the following ways:

  • High Fuel Consumption: Porsche engines become less efficient when the oxygen to fuel ratio is too rich or lean. Drivers would often find themselves taking more trips to the gas station than normal.
  • Poor Driving Performance: A faulty O2 sensor can cause the car to accelerate slowly or stall regularly on the road.
  • Sensors Cannot Send Signals: As the oxygen sensor becomes caked with by-products of combustion like lead, fuel additives, and oil ash, the sensor will be unable to send signals to the engine’s computer. Usually, if a Porsche driver uses non-recommended fuel, there is a risk of these contaminants affecting the sensors.

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