Routine Maintenance And Proper Tools
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Routine Maintenance and Proper Tools

At Auto Assets we pride ourselves on using the right tools to fix your car and on going beyond what some manufacturers publish as far as maintenance is concerned.

The Right Tools

Below is a photo of an oil drain plug on a Porsche Boxster S. Looking at the aluminum drain plug – it is easy to see that someone has been using the incorrect socket to loosen and remove the drain plug. We keep new aluminum drain plugs in stock so that we can replace these on the spot.

Beyond the maintenance book maintenance.

Pictured below are photos of the radiators and air conditioning condenser on a 2001 Porsche 996 Twin Turbo. This car had documented franchise dealer services at 30k, 60k and 90k per Porsche’s scheduled service. Directly from the pages of the maintenance book it says “ Radiators and air intakes: Visual inspection for external debris and blockage “ – see the scanned page from the maintnenance book on our nice 2008 Porsche 997 C4S.

Maintenance Book P5

A casual inspection of this car was performed by one of our customers accompanied by a knowledgeable friend. The car was purchased and was driven home less than 100 miles from the selling dealership. Within a few days the car developed a coolant leak in the front of the car. We determined a coolant leak at the driver side radiator. Once we removed the front bumper cover to replace the leaking radiator, this is what we found. As preventative maintenance, we replaced all three radiators as well as both condensers as the corrosion on them would come to haunt our customer in the future.

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