Common Causes of Mass Airflow Sensor Failure in a Volkswagen by the Expert Technicians of Powell
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The mass airflow sensor is an important component of your Volkswagen. Without it, your engine would be unable to properly process and regulate the amount of inbound air and the temperature of the air going into it. It is a critical part of your car that is needed to ensure that your car is running as effectively as possible, allowing it to not cause any components of your car’s engine to overheat.

While Volkswagen is known for their incredibly well-built vehicles, they are still susceptible to mechanical failures. To ensure that your mass airflow sensor is working the way it should be, it is critical to know the symptoms and causes of why they fail. Fortunately, we have a quick primer on the basics about what you should know to ensure your car remains functioning the way it needs to.

Symptoms of a Mass Airflow Sensor Failure

You can be clued in when a mass airflow sensor failure is occurring through several observable symptoms. Here are a few of the most common symptoms you are likely to encounter if your Volkswagen’s mass air sensor is having issues.

  • Your car has a rough idle. If your car is frequently shaking while idling, and you are hearing a loud, rumbling noise coming from your Volkswagen’s engine, this could be a sign that your mass airflow sensor is failing. It is likely that your engine is trying to process the amount of fuel it needs without being able to receive the correct information normally provided by the mass airflow sensor.
  • It is harder for you to accelerate. If you encounter issues with your car hesitating to accelerate, this could be another sign that your mass airflow sensor is having problems. This could be due to your engine misfiring due to not knowing how to handle the situation without the sensor.
  • Your car shakes while it is accelerating. When accelerating, if your car is frequently shaking, this could be related to your car’s mass airflow sensor. The sensor is key to regulating the temperature and the amount of fuel needed to ensure a stable ride, so having a faulty or broken sensor is a key cause in shaky rides.
  • You are getting worse fuel economy than in the past. If you find yourself going to gas stations more frequently than you have in the past, this could be another indication of a failing mass airflow sensor. Without the sensor working properly, your car is trying to guess the amount of fuel it needs to run. If it does not have a properly working sensor, your car will try to compensate by providing more fuel than it needs.
  • Your car’s dashboard is showing a check engine light. This catch-all light can indicate many different issues occurring with your engine. While this light is not immediately indicative of an issue with your mass airflow sensor, it is one of the issues that fall under this category.
  • Your car is ejecting black smoke from the exhaust. If your car is emitting black smoke, it could be another sign that your car’s mass airflow sensor is not working correctly. In a case like this, the main cause normally is that your engine is not able to process the intense heat, causing it to overload and produce black smoke from your exhaust to prevent further damage to it.

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