Reasons Behind Oil Sludge Buildup in Volkswagens
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Volkswagens are high-quality vehicles; they’re reliable and provide cutting-edge innovation. However, a common issue we see in this brand is oil sludge buildup. To keep your car running smoothly it is important that you stay current on regular maintenance.

What is Oil Sludge Buildup

Oil sludge happens when oil solidifies. It can be caused by oxidation or contamination, and it will make your car run poorly. Not dealing with the issue will affect the reliability of your Volkswagen.

When oil solidifies, it becomes a thick gel. The gel attaches to engine parts, blocking the flow of oil and adding stress on the radiator and cooling system.

Your car needs proper lubrication to run properly. Without it, moving parts will suffer from increased friction, which leads to component failure and serious engine damage.

What Causes Oil Sludge Buildup?

When oil breaks down, it leads to oil sludge buildup. It often builds up on the top of the engine, which will lead to more problems since oil is unable to circulate properly. Moving parts will not get the lubrication that they need.

The most common causes:

  • Not changing oil regularly
  • Short commutes
  • Excessive idling on long trips
  • Contaminated oil
  • Condensation
  • Not using the correct oil

Symptoms of engine sludge:

  • Low oil pressure
  • Illuminated oil check light
  • Misfires
  • Overheating
  • Clicking noises
  • Oil drains slowly
  • Sludge in the oil filter
  • Check engine light is triggered

Eliminating Oil Sludge Buildup

If your Volkswagen has oil sludge buildup, bring it into Auto Assets. Our ASE certified mechanics have been trained in the proper way to remove sludge. The sludge gets into vital areas of your engine, so it is important that these areas are cleaned properly to prevent component failure.

The removal of oil sludge often requires the engine to be taken apart. Our service center is fully equipped with the latest factory-grade tools and equipment, which allows us to handle our job quickly and correctly.

How to Prevent Oil Sludge Buildup

Oil sludge buildup is costly but can be easily prevented with a few simple maintenance steps. To prevent oil sludge buildup:

  • Stay current on oil changes. Oil breaks down over time and will lead to buildup.
  • Replace your oil filter The filter removes contaminants from the oil. After a while, the filter will become clogged.
  • Use the recommended oil. Don’t buy something cheaper to save money. It will cost you more in the long run.
  • Regular maintenance and inspections allow your mechanic to find issues early.

Symptoms that your oil needs changed

Illuminated Check Engine Light

There are many reasons that can trigger your check engine light. If your light is on, call us to schedule a diagnostic scan.

Power Loss

If your oil needs to be changed, you may notice a loss of power. Your Volkswagen may feel sluggish when trying to accelerate. When the oil is dirty, your engine will have to work harder.

Idles Roughly

Dirty oil can cause your engine to idle roughly. The friction from the particles leads to shaking, vibrations and component failure.

Knocking Sounds

When metal shavings are present in the oil, they can be recirculated through the engine. The shavings cause engine damage which causes the knocking sounds.

Ticking Sounds

If the oil isn’t able to keep the components lubricated, you may hear a ticking sound coming from the engine.

Regular Oil Changes are Important

Regular oil changes help prevent sludge buildup. Oil breaks down over time and when it does it cannot provide proper lubrication. The oil that has broken down or has become contaminated can lead to irreversible damage.

Benefits of oil changes:

  • Removes damaging particles
  • Keeps your engine clean
  • Extends the life of your engine
  • Keep components lubricated
  • Improves gas mileage
  • Cool the engine
  • Improve gas mileage
  • Less pollution
  • Improves performance

Let Us Help You

At Auto Assets, we have serviced clients from Volkswagen Regular Oil Change the Columbus, Worthington, Dublin, New Albany, and Powell, OH areas. If you are experiencing oil sludge buildup or are in the need of an oil change, call us today to book your appointment or stop by our service center during our normal business hours. We’re here to help when your Volkswagen needs it most!

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