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Since 1935, Jaguar has been in the business of manufacturing luxury automobiles. Whether it is the aesthetic, performance, or overall quality of Jaguars, the appeal cannot be denied. With such a vehicle, you want to keep it in tip-top shape. With regular maintenance, you can easily prevent issues, like failing O2 sensors and keep your Jaguar performing at top condition.

The Importance of O2 Sensors

All vehicles have been required to have O2 sensors since the 1980s. Depending on your make and model, your vehicle will have from one to four sensors that are connected to your catalytic converter. These sensors measure the oxygen level to verify that the air/fuel ratio is accurate. If it works correctly, your Jaguar will run with the best gas mileage and lowest emissions that it can. If it doesn’t work correctly, the gas mileage will decrease, your emissions will rise, and it could eventually lead to greater damage to your vehicle.

Why is your O2 sensor failing?

There should not be any reason your Jaguar’s O2 sensors would be failing quicker than any other make of car. However, as with most parts in a vehicle, these sensors will wear over time and are meant to be changed. A number of causes could have led to one or more of your O2 sensors failing:

  • O2 sensors will eventually lag over time and travel distances.
  • Contamination from other leaks or worn parts under the hood of the car (such as valves, filters, or rings can cause the sensor to fail. As other parts of your vehicle age, their issues may also affect your O2 sensors.
  • A residue coating the sensor can cause problems. Since the O2 sensors are part of your fuel system, a residue may form over time.

Is it time to change your O2 sensor?

If your O2 sensor in your Jaguar is failing, there may be a couple signs that it is an issue:

  • The check engine light could turn on. There could be several reasons for this light to turn on, but one of them is because the O2 sensor is failing and the vehicle’s computer is unable to send the correct amount of fuel
  • Your vehicle may fail an emissions test. If the O2 sensor fails, it will put out more emissions than normal, which could lead to you failing an emissions test.

However, you sometimes may not notice the issue at all until it has reached the point that it has created a larger issue, such as engine damage. For the sake of your safety and your car’s upkeep & performance, not to mention to avoid heftier expenses in the future, we suggest regular replacement of the O2 sensors. You should check your vehicle’s owner manual for replacement suggestions or replace the O2 sensors every 60,000–90,000 miles.

Replacement Options and How Auto Assets Can Help

While changing O2 sensors on your own is possible, it can be complicated and frustrating. Before you try to replace it, you would need to ensure Jaguar O2 Sensor Inspection that a failing O2 sensor is the problem, that there are no other underlying issues, and that you know which O2 sensor is the issue if your vehicle has more than one. Once you have determined that, you will need to purchase the correct O2 sensor for your make and model. Depending on your vehicle, the location of the O2 sensor can be difficult to reach. Even if you can reach it, the sensor can be hard to replace and requires specialty tools to do so without causing damage.

With all these factors to take into consideration, we recommend letting a certified mechanic help with the replacement. Here at Auto Assets, we have been servicing Jaguar clients to their satisfaction for over 30 years.

Our ASE certified mechanics can help you with all of the repairs and services that your Jaguar needs to maintain optimal performance, and we offer a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty on all of our supplied parts.

We are located in Powell, OH and service vehicles from all over the area including Columbus, Dublin, New Albany, and Worthington. Stop by or call to make an appointment with Auto Assets today to replace your Jaguar’s O2 sensors or for any other repairs or services your Jaguar may need.

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