What Happens If You Don’t Fix a Coolant Leak in a Jaguar?
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Jaguars are the vehicle of choice when looking for the perfect combination of sporty and sophistication. After nearly 100 years in business, the British brand continues to appeal to new and loyal car owners alike. Models range from the classic XJ which has been in production for nearly fifty years to recent excursions into electric SUVs, and many options in between. For any anglophiles out there, it is worth noting that Jaguar provided vehicles for the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister all the way up to 2010.

For all this impressive history and pedigree, it is still a car with its own unique upkeep requirements. One important issue not to be overlooked is the car’s coolant tank. Although common in all cars, an issue with this component is dangerous because it can be difficult to spot on your own, and can lead to greater issues if not addressed.

How does the coolant system work in your vehicle?

Every car engine creates heat while running due to friction and requires cooling. The cooling system does exactly what the name describes. To run properly, the engine must have some means of removing the heat. Jaguars are no exception. To maintain the high standard of performance owners expect, the cooling system must be working correctly at all times.

While driving, the water pump pushes a liquid called coolant through the engine block. Heat in the engine block dissipates into the liquid which is then carried away. A critical component in this entire process is the coolant tank. Its hoses contain enough liquid to continuously regulate temperature and keep the engine running smoothly.

It is not uncommon to experience leaks due to the many moving parts in a car engine. As far as car parts go, this is a relatively easy system to fix if spotted early and brought in to a Jaguar technician before larger problems start.

Signs of a Coolant System Problems

There are a few common causes for coolant system problems, that can be signs yours is leaking or symptoms of a leak that has not been fixed. The earlier an issue is identified, the lower your risk of sustaining further damage to the rest of your vehicle. Some common issues that can arise from coolant leaks and lead to more serious issues are:

  • An old or worn out water pump. As mentioned before, the water pump is absolutely vital for getting coolant circulated throughout the engine block and keeping temperature down. If your water pump is worn not operating correctly more coolant problems, including potential leaks, will follow.
  • Radiator or radiator cap damage. If the radiator is damaged, it will almost certainly begin leaking coolant. This is a serious and expensive issue that needs to be addressed by a professional. A far less expensive but still important problem to address is the radiator cap If the cap wears out it can be leaking coolant as well as not maintaining a proper seal which is important for keeping the entire system pressurized.
  • Head Gasket damage. If your head gaskets are damaged you are at risk of not only leaking coolant, but that coolant leaking into your motor oil. Once again this is a problem that can be fixed, but in order to cause the least damage to your vehicle it needs to be addressed by a professional as quickly as possible.

Check Coolant Levels Regularly

Like many other aspects of car maintenance, preventative care is the best approach. By keeping an eye on the level of coolant in the tank, it is easy to spot if the level has dropped and it is time for a professional to take a look.

If you think you may have a leak but are unsure, a first step can be placing a piece of cardboard under the engine and checking for liquids present. Coolant is typically a very bright color and should be easy to spot. Once again, the risks of damage to the engine far outweigh the rewards for holding out, so at the first sign of concern it is important to see a professional.

Auto Assets is Here for You and your Jaguar

Ideally, during routine maintenance and inspection, Jaguar Coolant Filling issues will be found far before it is a problem. Bringing your Jaguar to a certified mechanic will ensure your coolant system is operating smoothly and there are no leaks damaging your vehicle.

Here at Auto Assets, we have you covered to make sure your Jaguar keeps running the way it was designed. We specialize in European makes and are focused on the specific and unique needs these brands have.

Stop by our convenient location which proudly serves customers in Columbus, Dublin, New Albany, Worthington, and Powell as well as the surrounding communities. We look forward to speaking with you today.

* Jaguar XJ Car image credit goes to: kurmyshov.

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