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Porsche sets the standard for luxury vehicles. They are timeless and effortlessly cool, but just as with any other vehicle, they experience issues. For this reason, it is vital that you have your Porsche serviced regularly. Regular maintenance will help you avoid the feared IMS bearing failure.

What is an IMS Bearing?

IMS is short for intermediate shaft. An IMS bearing supports the IMS shaft. The shaft runs all the way through the engine. It drives the camshafts successively off the crankshaft.

The IMS bearing is known to cause premature engine failure without warning. It reduces the speed of the chains, in turn, extending their life.

Porsche Models that are Prone to IMS failure

  • 97 3.6 ltr with M96/05, up to engine number 6950745
  • 987 Cayman &Boxster models up to engine number 61504715
  • All 986 Boxster models
  • All 996 models, excluding the: GT and Turbo models

The Causes of IMS Failure

The IMS shaft isn’t the issue — the problem is the IMS bearing, which is located inside the shaft. What makes the problem worse is that in 2006 the part was redesigned, and the new design doesn’t allow the part to be repaired.

The failure can be due to several different factors. Everyday wear can cause failure, but it isn’t common. Failure is often due to abnormal wear, which can be caused by high loads and improper lubrication.

Symptoms of a Failing IMS Bearing

There are a few symptoms that you can watch out for.

Strange Sounds

When the bearing begins to fail you may hear banging, knocking, or rattling noises. When it completely fails you may hear a popping noise. If your Porsche makes this noise, turn your engine off immediately. Continuing to run your car will lead to further damage.

Leaking Oil

If the bearing is failing, you may notice an oil leak near the rear of the engine.

Debris in Oil Pan or Filter

Metallic debris can often be found in your oil. It will be shiny and is most often evident on the oil filter.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is crucial for keeping your Porsche running in the best condition possible. You should never wait for an issue to arise before you bring your car in for routine maintenance and inspections.

IMS bearing failure doesn’t often give a warning sign before failure. Having routine maintenance and inspections performed will help you avoid devastating engine failure. When a bearing fails it often causes engine damage, andaving your engine overhauled isn’t cheap and will take time.

The mechanics at Auto Assets can perform your routine maintenance and diagnose any issues that you may have. Getting issues taken care of right away can prevent problems before they become major headaches.

If you have noticed any symptoms that you believe may be indicating IMS bearing failure, it is crucial that you let your Porsche mechanic know immediately. Don’t continue to drive your car and take the chance of experiencing major failure.

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