What to do When You Find Metal Shavings in Your Porsche's Oil
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It is not uncommon for Porsche owners to find metal shavings in their oil pan over time. This can be disappointing because these luxury sports cars share in the reputation that German-made vehicle models have in terms of sturdy and precision craftsmanship.

These metal shavings, if not removed, can have potentially-damaging effects on your Porsche’s engine and overall driving experience. Let’s have a look at what to do to ensure that you’re back on the road with a fully-functioning and pristine engine.

Where do metal shavings come from in oil?

Being a premium brand, you should only use premium products on your Porsche. One of the main reasons why you may have metal shavings in your engine oil is because you may have dirty oil. Dirt and dust particles can over time find their way into the engine oil as you go about your driving. In contradiction with providing lubrication, the dirt particles cause friction between the engine’s moving parts in the engine. This friction then results in metal shavings in your oil.

In the same vein, failure to maintain a regular service schedule can also cause metal shavings to find their way into your engine oil. This is because your car will miss the oil changes that come with regular servicing. Regular maintenance will also help you to stay ahead of the inevitable wear and tear that also causes the metal shavings to get into your Porsche’s oil.

Mechanical parts that keep moving against each other are prone to wear and tear. This also goes for Porsche engines. The small moving components wear out with time and start breaking off, ending up in the engine oil.

While it’s advisable to maintain a regular servicing schedule, getting this service from a mechanic that’s not certified for Porsche vehicles can easily create the problem. What may appear to be a simple oil change that can be done by any mechanic may result in metal shavings in your Porsche’s oil.

The Damage Metal Shavings Ca Do in Your Porsche

As a performance car, the engine in your Porsche plays an important role in ensuring you get the best performance while driving. This is why when there are metal shavings in your Porsche’s oil, your engine performance will be compromised. As engine oil goes through the engine as it runs, so will the metal shavings. This will result in more metal shearing off of parts, further damaging your engine.

The more metal shavings you have in the engine of your Porsche, the more the oil is circulated poorly, leading to poor lubrication of the engine moving parts. Worse still, your engine may get to a point where the engine oil will be unable to circulate, causing excessive friction. This will then result in overheating.

It goes without saying that overheating can be dangerous, as it can quickly degenerate into complete engine failure or worse, pose a safety hazard to you and everyone in your Porsche.

Auto Assets for your Porsche

Your best bet when you suspect metal shavings in your Porsche’s oil is to seek the help of a certified mechanic. Porsche Oil Quality Check A certified mechanic will flush out the oil containing the metal shavings and replace it with the recommended high quality oil.

Having a reliable mechanic for the regular servicing of your Porsche will help to catch metal shavings before they damage your engine. By having a regular maintenance schedule, your mechanic will also be able to help you save the money that you’d otherwise need to use to replace your engine in case of engine failure. A regular servicing schedule will also prolong the life cycle of your Porsche, especially if you partner that with the expertise of a certified mechanic.

Because European models require nothing but the best servicing to perform as they should, Auto Assets are dedicated to making sure that you enjoy your Porsche driving experience. We have over 30 years of experience providing auto-repairs and maintenance services to Porsche owners in Columbus, Dublin, New Albany, Worthington, and Powell, OH.

Our team of mechanics are as passionate about your car as you are. Visit us today, and we’ll correctly diagnose the problem in your Porsche and fix it quickly and affordably.

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